JAZZPAR Artists - Arkady Shilkloper
   Arkady Shilkloper - Russian French horn player, flugelhorn player, and vocalist, b. 1956 - was together with Gustavo Toker featured with Kim Kristensen's group Ildvæverne at The JAZZPAR Event 1993.

   Does Arkady Shilkloper play jazz? He represents a generation of classically trained European musicians who seek challenges, who wish to break down barriers, geographically and historically. These artists are, with their individual backgrounds, contributing to the music of our time. And some of them, like Shilkloper, are doing it extremely eloquently. They are part of some kind of global jazz or world music. Call it what you like. For more than ten years Shilkloper has played with the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra and Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. Gradually he felt like starting up something more "alive". He formed his own Tri-O and has cooperated with the Moldavian pianist Mikhail Alperin. Shilkloper's playing reflects a variety of inspirations - from ethnic music, Bartók, blues, jazz, rock, etc.

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