JAZZPAR Artists - Birgit Løkke Larsen

Birgit Løkke Larsen (DK), b. 1967, performed with Marilyn Mazur's Percussion Paradise at the JAZZPAR Concerts 2001.

Birgit Løkke's professional career began in 1989 recording and performing with the band Savage Rose. Since then she has toured with various Scandinavian jazz-groups and composed and played music for theaters. For a period she took care of the percussion in the Hamborg-based NDR Big Band and in the Nordic all-women big band April Light Orchestra where she also sat on the drummer's chair.

Also her project with pianist Arne Forchhammer Trio has received favorable reviews. On their record Larsen challenges the pianist and moves the boundaries beyond the expected with contrasting, floating and forceful freeform interplay. Birgit Løkke Larsen may produce a flow of exuberant faceted sonorities from her vast armory of percussion instruments collected worldwide.

Birgit Løkke has also toured, played and/or recorded with Palle Danielsson, Alex Riel, Lars Jansson, Han Bennink, Nils Petter Molvær, Eivin Aarset, Thomas Agergaard, Kim Kristensen, Carsten Dahl, Anders Jormin and many others.

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