JAZZPAR Artists - Bob Brookmeyer
   Bob Brookmeyer (US), b. 1929, directed The Danish Radio Big Band featuring Prize Winner Tony Coe and performed with The 1995 JAZZPAR Combo also featuring Tony Coe as well as David Hazeltine, Thomas Ovesen and Steve Argüelles at The JAZZPAR Event 1995.

   As the most notable valve trombone player in jazz Brookmeyer adds a modern cool, subtle approach to the slide trombone humor of the swing masters. And he can explode too!
   Bob Brookmeyer's contributions as an arranger and conductor can hardly be overrated. Over the years he has manifested a rare and valuable gift for combining the jazz tradition with new currents. He has been capable of fusing the qualities of Gil Evans and Gerry Mulligan into a simple, unpretentious, and expressive manner. Periodically returning as a guest conductor he has had a great impact on The DRBB. JAZZPAR 1995 was a preliminary to Brookmeyer's start as the chief conductor of that band from January 1996.
   His main ambition was to unfold further a distinctive DRBB identity, sound, and fire, thus consolidating the band's position as an internationally leading ensemble of its kind. Likewise, the presentation of Coe and Brookmeyer together was no mere coincidence. For some time they had entertained a mutual wish to join forces. Furthermore, after a preceding tour in GB the trinity of Coe, Brookmeyer, and DRBB no doubt played into each other's hands, the repertory including Coe compositions written especially for the occasion.

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