JAZZPAR Artists - Cornell Dupree
   Cornell Dupree (US), b. 1942, performed with Steen Vig and his Bluesicians - Ole "Fessor" Lindgreen (tb, arr), Gene "Mighty Flea" Conners (tb, voc), Steen Vig (ts, ss), Søren Kristiansen (p), Hugo Rasmussen (b), Thorkild Møller (d) - at the JAZZPAR Event 1993.

   Cornell Dupree fuses the glowing Texas R&B funk and the New York City jazz. As an autodidactic the guitarist started his career at 16 in his home town, but was soon called to New York to play with King Curtis - and for a while shared the guitar spot with some other newcomer called James Hendrix (!).
   Dupree's music has been sought after by a long list of distinguished representatives of modern American music, including The Gadd Gang (Copenhagen Jazz Festival, 1988) and Champion Jack Dupree (to whom Cornell is not related). In 1988 his Coast To Coast solo album was nominated for a Grammy.
   Cornell Dupree's sensitive and suggestive guitar work has been praised for its ability to build an almost complete musical universe by using a few tones and phrasings that move just around the edge of the tune.

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