The Artists - Jesper Bodilsen

Jesper Bodilsen – Danish bass player and composer, b. January 5 1970 – was part of Erling Kroners "Dream Quintet" with Quique Sinesi (g) and featuring Dino Saluzzi (band) at the JAZZPAR Event 1998, with Prize Winner Enrico Rava's JAZZPAR 2002 Sextet, and with Prize Winner Aldo Romano's JAZZPAR Quintet + 1 at the Event 2004.

Bodilsen began on the trumpet. He got his first bass in 1985 and graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, Århus, Denmark in 96. He has toured all over the world, appeared at a number of big jazz festivals and on an increasing number of CDs, and he has played with a long list of leading Danish jazz musicians.
   Bodilsen is a bass virtuoso – his playing is authoritative, tasteful and imaginative, propelling a rhythmic drive – even considering the rich bass-tradition of Denmark. His sound and intonation are exquisite and his ability to form a team with the drummer is exceptional. The timing, and the precision and flexibility of his walking bass lines are superb. And he has a good grasp of melody in his solos.
   Bodilsen has received recognition for his part in prize-winning records. An offspin of the JAZZPAR Project 2002 is a collaboration with the Italian pianist Stefano Bollano and the Danish dummer Morten Lund – a trio that has toured a lot and recorded a marvelous CD.

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