JAZZPAR Artists - Jörg Huke

   Jörg Huke (D), b. 1962, was part of Pierre Dørge's New Jungle Orchestra feat. David Murray, JAZZPAR Prize Winner 1991; and in 2000 Huke was part of Carsten Dahl's JAZZPAR Combo.

   Jörg Huke took his first trumpet lessons when he was eight and changed for trombone at 16. In Berlin he studied classical trombone music from 1979 to 83 and thereafter he exclusively dealt with modern jazz and contemporary music. In 1987 he co-founded the anarchistic brass quartet Fun Horns. This group reveals a fresh revelation with a variety of colors, moods and velocities.
   Huke plunges into tightly controlled blends of several styles: traditional and avant-garde, improvised and composed. He is a grandiose improviser with a wonderful sound and may fill a concert hall with innovative and cheerful music all by himself. Huke has worked and recorded with John Tcicai, Cecil Taylor and many others.

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