JAZZPAR Artists - Jonas Johansen
   Jonas Johansen (DK), b. 1962, JAZZPAR Artist 1995 and 1996. Performed with Karsten Houmark Quartet at The JAZZPAR 1996 Event.

   It is not least the combination of bassist and drummer that is the critical point in manning any jazz group. The way each of them places their rhythmic markings on or around the beat is the crucial factor that decides whether they together succeed in creating such a kind of combined tension and balance that both rests in itself and propels the music onwards.
   At all events the partnership between Lennart Ginman and Jonas Johansen functions extremely well. The latter is one of the few drummers in our part of the world who knows how to vary his playing, so that it seems at the same time relaxed and extremely dynamic. Ideal and almost irreplaceable is his always attentive and flowing drumming in a group like Houmark's, where it is Johansen's task to keep up the energy underneath the frequent understatements typical for this music.

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