JAZZPAR Artists - Josefine Cronholm

   Josefine Cronholm (S), b. 1971, participated in Django Bates' Human Chain Plus at the JAZZPAR 97 Event and was a featured soloist with Marilyn Mazur's groups at the JAZZPAR Event 2001.

   Josefine Cronholm (S), b. 1971, was member of various Swedish vocal groups as a teenager and appeared at clubs in Brazil as early as 1991. She has studied music in Sweden and in Copenhagen.
   When Cronholm appeared at the JAZZPAR Event 1997 she was unknown to the public at large. But in addition to other indications Prize Winner Django Bates' choice of her to be featured as a soloist during part of the Human Chain set of the JAZZPAR Concerts raised the expectations. The beguiling voice of the young Swedish vocalist added a new dimension to Bates' work, resulting in a more mellow and reflective style than his accustomed pyrotechnics. Cronholm is solid and gives sensitive, forthright readings to the melodies in a straightforward yet unconventional manner. What on the surface might look like ice-cool, impassive minimalism only expands the impact of her deeply emotional and moving singing.
   Based in Copenhagen since 1995, Josefine Cronholm is one of the busiest vocalists in town.

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