JAZZPAR Artists - Karsten Houmark

Karsten Houmark (DK), b. 1951, was leading his quartet – Karsten Houmark (g), Lennart Ginman (b), Jonas Johansen (d) – featuring John Taylor (p) at The JAZZPAR Event 1996.

With his uncompromising attitude Karsten Houmark belongs to the Danish elite of jazz guitarists and composers. Quite conscious of his European background, he makes music that often has an independent identity, an impressionistic character. Houmark’s distinctive features express themselves especially in his compositions, which in contrast to so many originals often have a genuine content, which is both a fruitful point of departure and a challenge for the subsequent soloists.

This is modern jazz without narrow limitations. The aim is to create progressions that achieve continuity and balance. At the same time there is no intention to constrain the special characters of band members. Individuality merged into unity – a high, but definitely also a relevant goal to set oneself in a jazz context. Houmark’s kind og openness within fixed limits obviously demands an enhanced attentiveness and communication between the performers.


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