JAZZPAR Artists - Kasper Tranberg

   Kasper Tranberg (DK), b. 1973, was member of Prize Winner Chris Potter's JAZZPAR 2000 Septet.

   Tranberg was 18 when he got to Berklee College of Music in Boston for three semesters. Back in Copenhagen a call from Mercer Ellington made Tranberg quit his cleaning job. He is cofounder of When Granny Sleeps (recordings feature David Liebman and Ray Anderson). Tranberg has put his mark on other influential Danish constellations like Dane T. S. Hawk and His Great Mongo Dilmuns; Copenhagen Art Ensemble; Ok-Nok-Kongo with John Tcicai - and has also been in demand in better established ensembles like Pierre Dørge's New Jungle Orchestra. Recently he has released the second CD in his own name.
   "Basically I'm a jazz nutcase", states the brass man who doesn't play safe - he may plunge into deep water and always manages to get ashore again. He can color his tone in many different shades sometimes using unorthodox methods on his cornet.

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