The Artists - Krister Jonsson

Krister Jonsson – Swedish guitar player, born 1971 – was part of Thomas Agergaard's Octet at the JAZZPAR 2002 Event.

Krister Jonsson has received training in New York. He is happy within the jazz tradition of the 50s although those who have heard him probably consider him more of an experimental guitarist who colors his music with dirty, free improvisation, seeking timbres based in the roots of rock.    Depending on the circumstances he utilizes a number of effects like distortion, volume-pedal, slide, wah-wah pedal, delay etc. to obtain a personal expression with unexpected and surprising solutions.
   He has a relaxed approach to genre and style. His humorous excursions between heaven and hell include country, scratch, blues and rock. His solos can be frenetic and explosive in a fragmentary way. He prefers well-considered airy phrases rather than fast massive show-off licks. He may pursue staggering psychedelic themes or engage in playful dialogue. As an accompanist, he is dynamic and rhythmically agile. He comes across with interesting interplay and intense and meaningful soloing amid a bright outlook and loose, affable demeanor.
   Jonsson has played with Marilyn Mazur (JAZZPAR Prize Winner 2001), Tim Hagans, and Anders Bergcrantz among others. Like Klaus Löhrer, Jonsson played on 2001 Danish Music Award Winner Fredrik Lundin’s “Choose Your Boots”.
   The young promising guitarist has participated on several CDs.

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