JAZZPAR Artists - Lars Danielsson

   Lars Danielsson (S), b. 1958, was part of Hans Ulrik's JAZZPAR 99 Combo featuring John Scofield (g) and Peter Erskine (d); and Danielsson was part of Carsten Dahl's JAZZPAR 2000 Combo featuring Tony Coe (s, cl) among others.

   Lars Danielsson is originally trained on cello. He is reckoned among the finest Scandinavian bass players and is highly in demand. His playing smoothly locks in with as musically different artists as vocalist Cæcilie Norby, saxophonist Rick Margitza, guitarist John Abercrombie, trumpeter Kenny Wheeler and percussionist Trilok Gurtu. The records in Lars Danielsson's own name, with Dave Liebman and Alex Acuna among others, are internationally highly praised gems.

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