JAZZPAR Artists - Pernille Bévort

   Pernille Bévort, b. 1966, was part of Erling Kroners "Dream Quintet" with Quique Sinesi (g) and featuring Dino Saluzzi (band) at the JAZZPAR 1998 Project.

   Bévort has studied at Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen. She has recorded and toured Scandinavia and China with the female big band April Light Orchestra; played with Bustin' Bloopers Big Band under Bob Mintzer, in the Danish-Cuban project Elegbá And The Three Queens and with the Cuban-Danish salsa band Grupo Changó where she got the nickname Pernille "Sentimiento". She leads and writes most music for her own quartet and they have released the CD "A Live". Pernille Bévort has an individual sound and feeling, a rhythmic edge and sense of direction in her solos.

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