JAZZPAR Artists - Quique Sinesi

   Quique Sinesi (ARG), b. March 13, 1960, was part of Erling Kroners "Dream Quintet" with Quique Sinesi (g) and featuring Dino Saluzzi (band) at the JAZZPAR 1998 Project.

   Sinesi has studied classical guitar, jazz guitar as well as composition. He made his first public appearances in 1974 and played afterwards with different rock and jazz musicians. He toured Europe in 82 with Dino Saluzzi Quartet. After some concerts with Italien trumpetist Enrico Rava in 84 he formed the group Alfombra Mágica, referred to by the press as "The Revelation Group". It played many concerts with invited musicians - one of them being Erling Kroner at the Mardell Jazz Festival 1990. During the 80s and 90s Sinesi also performed solo and in duos among others with the bandoneon player Gustavo Paglia. In 92 Sinesi again toured Europe with Saluzzi's "Mojotoro Proyect" and thereafter all over America and Europe in various projects.
   Critics have said that Sinesi bears influences from contemporary jazz-guitarists like Pat Metheny. His latest very acoustic and melody-based recordings though seem closer to the fellow South American, the Brazilian Egberto Gismonti. Playing an acoustic or electric 6 or 7 stringed guitar, charango or piccolo guitar, Sinesi's music is based on rhythmic and melodic elements of the Argentinean popular music. He incorporates jazz-like improvisation and unusual harmonies in the tango, candombe, milonga and folk rhythms as "huaino", "chacarera", "zamba" etc. The folk projection started through his experience with Saluzzi and as member of Pablo Ziegler's Quartet - Ziegler being the ex-pianist of Astor Piazzolla's legendary "New Tango" quintet.
   With his astonishing virtuosity and ceaseless experimentation Quique Sinesi stands firmly at the forefront of "the new tango" or rather contemporary fusion music of Buenos Aires.
   Quique Sinesi has played on more than 50 records, among them three with Alfombra Magica and seven in his own name.

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