JAZZPAR Artists - The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra 1997

The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra 1997

Lineup: Jan Kohlin, Benny Rosenfeld, Palle Bolvig, Henrik Bolberg Pedersen, Jens Winther (tp, flh), Vincent Nilsson, Steen Hansen, Kjeld Ipsen, Klaus Löhrer, Axel Windfeld (tb, etc.), Michael Hove, Christina von Bülow, Uffe Markussen, Tomas Franck, Flemming Madsen (sax, etc.), Nikolaj Bentzon (p), Anders Chico Lindvall (g), Thomas Ovesen (b), Ethan Weisgard (perc), Jonas Johansen (d).

   The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra (DRJO, previously called The Danish Radio Big Band, JAZZPAR Concert Orchestra, 1990 and 1995) was established in 1964. On its many tours to most parts of the world public and press alike have declared DRJO an outstanding orchestra, not only one of the oldest but also one of the best of present day big bands. Through the years the DRJO has included a broad representation of the finest contemporary Danish jazz musicians. It has worked with about 200 international soloists, arrangers and conductors.
   As a result, the book of the band is comprehensive and multifarious, probably the most challenging to be heard anywhere nowadays. It is devoted almost exclusively to jazz. The 1997 edition of DRJO is a modern orchestra identifying itself with creative music of today. Thus, the combination of Django Bates and DRJO is no mere accident. Their program included new Bates compositions written especially for this band and performed in public for the first time during The JAZZPAR Concerts 1997.

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