JAZZPAR Artists - Steve Swallow

Steve (Stephen) Swallow (US), b. October 10, 1940 in New York, were featured with Jørgen Emborg Quintet during the JAZZPAR Event 1992.

The American bass player and composer took up double-bass at 18 but switched to electric bass guitar during the early 1970s. Through the years Swallow has worked with an impressive long list of jazz notabilities, in the 60s with Paul Bley (JAZZPAR Artist 1990) and Stan Getz, in the 60s and 70s with Gary Burton (also JAZZPAR Artist 1990), in the 70s and 80s with Carla Bley and John Scofield and many, many others.
   Coming from advanced bop and originally inspired by double-bass players like Charles Mingus and Charlie Haden, Swallow became involved in the free jazz scene during the early 1960s. Later, and especially when confronted with the fusion of the various elements in the Burton Quartet, he pioneered the development of a more guitar-like jazz approach to the bass guitar. His distinctive tone quality and original style, his melodic and singing lines have to many aficionados made him THE master of the instrument. Not least his work on a number of Carla Bley albums illustrates his mastery both as a soloist and accompanist.
   Swallow is also a fertile composer whose works are often played by various prominent groups - works that thereby enlarge the standard book of jazz.

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