JAZZPAR Artists - Tony Coe

   Tony Coe (GB), b. Nov. 29, 1934, was JAZZPAR Prize Winner in 1995, and part of Carsten Dahl's JAZZPAR 2000 Combo.

   Coe is a wide-ranging musician. His main instrument is the tenor but he is also considered one of the finest and most original clarinetists in contemporary jazz. Coe's career personifies a sizeable part of jazz history.    With small alterations his kind of avant-garde swing fits with perfect ease into mainstream jazz, bebop, post-Coltrane combos, jazz-rock, free improvisation, chamber music, film and TV scores, symphony orchestras etc. His individual timing, his sinuous phrasing and assured and extrovert solos have a refreshing effect. One of his trademarks is the long flowing lines, which have a serpentine character. His playing reflects exceptional instrumental skill and profound musical originality.

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