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Storyville Records STCD 4181

Lee Komitz and the JAZZPAR All Star Nonet
directed by Jens Søndergaard

(a) Jeff Davis (tp), Allan Botschinsky (tp/flh), Erling Kroner (tb), Niels Gerhardt (b-tb, tuba), Lee Konitz (ss/as), Jens Søndergaard (ss/as/bars), Butch Lacy (p), Jesper Lundgaard (b), Svend-Erik Nørregaard (d)

(b) Lee Konitz (as), Jens Søndergaard (as)

(c) Lee Konitz (as), Peggy Stern (p)

(d) Lee Konitz (as), Jesper Lundgaard (b)

(e) Allan Botschinsky (flh), Lee Konitz (as), Peggy Stern (p), Jesper Lundgaard (b), Svend-Erik Nørregaard (d)

(f) Allan Botschinsky (flh), Lee Konitz (as)

(g) as (a) plus Birgitte Frieboe (voc)

(h) as (a) except Lacy replaced by Peggy Stern (p)

SAS Falconer Stage, Copenhagen Denmark, March 27 1992

  1. Partout (Ole Kock Hansen) (a)
  2. Alone Together (Arthur Schwartz) (b)
  3. Body and Soul (Johnny Green) (c)

Focus Recording, Copenhagen Denmark, March 28-29 1992

  1. Leewise (Fredrik Lundin) (a)
  2. JesperLee (Konitz, Lundgaard) (d)
  3. SubconsciousLee (Konitz, arr. Stern) (e)
  4. Peggy Lee (Konitz, Stern) (c)
  5. Shadows (Butch Lacy, Peter Poulsen) (g)
  6. AllanLee (Konitz, Botschinsky) (f)
  7. Pazzenger (Peggy Stern) (h)
  8. JensLee (Konitz, Søndergaard) (b)
  9. Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael) (h)

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